Key Features to Look for in a Real Estate CRM

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Getting ahead in real estate nowadays will require you to focus on certain tools and softwares that help your clients do better business. Offering help that will reduce their stress and help their business will ultimately benefit your company. 

CRM in real estate is a tool that allows real estate companies to collect data on their customers and help them to understand their clients better. 

However, knowing how to differentiate between a good CRM software and a bad one is important. Proper CRM systems will provide you with features that help make the job easier and take less time. 

What are these features for CRM softwares?

Lead and Property Matching

After you do all the hard work with lead generation in real estate, you want to make sure you get the best properties to showcase to the new leads in order to generate business with them. 

However, with there being so much information to keep track of, you can’t always do it swiftly and find all the information you need. In this instance, you will want your CRM to take over and provide you with a match to the corresponding property for the lead. 

  • Capture client’s information 
  • Track information from your website to give agents context
  • Match leads to properties

Activity Tracking

A lot of effort is placed into ensuring that your company runs functionally. However, making sure it is optimized is also a very important aspect to keep in mind. 

A CRM software comes in very handy in these situations as it can monitor all the tasks you’ve been doing and also the outcomes. 

Team Delegation

With your work cluttered, it might become hard to figure out what work needs to be delegated and what needs to be taken on by you. Not to mention, all the information might not be present either. 

However, a real estate CRM system allows you to figure out pipelines and task lists to help create separate work loads for you and your team. 

This helps your agents not become overwhelmed and for you to have a clear picture of what work is being done. 

Complete Database

In real estate there is a lot of information to deal with for each and every person, and that can become an overwhelming amount of information with multiple clients – CRM systems help you manage all that. 

A digital log of data separated for all of your clients with the ability to separate them however you want is something that will optimize your workforce without any hassle. 

You could find a lead from a follow-up after 2 years, but the CRM system will have all the information ready for you as soon as you type in the name of the lead. 

Tool Automation

CRM systems come integrated with various tools that help you create and find great analytics. These not only help you find the data easier, but find ideas on how to make further improvements in your business.

It also helps in removing the need for tedious data entry, for example, with KPI tracking. You and your agents can save hours and hours just by letting the CRM software take care of a menial task that can become a burden to the eyes. 


Having your CRM software able to create reports for you on tons and tons of data is an easy way of optimizing your business.

With less work being put into both data entry and data sorting, your CRM system can allow you to find places to improve in your business. 

You can project future revenues, measure performance of sales and marketing campaigns. The pipeline we talked about? You can also check-in to see how much they have helped you and figure out if they need to be improved. 


Overall, CRM systems in real estate are the way to move forward, and ultimately will help your business grow and optimize. 

There are various ones out there on the market, and you need to go through lists of CRM systems to find the one that best suits your company. Not to mention, specific brands will have additional features offered within their CRMs.

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